Multiple Choice Tests

Introduction to Scientific Computing

Introduction to Numerical Methods [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Measuring Errors [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Sources of Error [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Binary Representation of Numbers [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Floating Point Representation of Numbers [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Propagation of Errors [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Taylor Series Revisited [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]


Background [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Continuous Functions [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Discrete Functions [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Nonlinear Equations

Background [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Bisection Method [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Newton-Raphson Method [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Secant Method [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Simultaneous Linear Equations

Background [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Gaussian Elimination [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

LU Decomposition [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Gauss-Seidel Method [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]


Background [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Direct Method [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Newton’s Divided Difference Method [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Lagrange Method [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Spline Method [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]


Background [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Linear Regression [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Nonlinear Regression [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]


Background [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Trapezoidal method [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Simpson’s 1/3rd Rule method [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Romberg method [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Gauss-Quadrature method [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Ordinary Differential Equations

Background [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Euler’s method [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Runge-Kutta 2nd order method [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Runge-Kutta 4th order method [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Shooting Method [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Finite Difference Method [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]


Golden Section search method [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Newton’s method [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Multidimensional Direct search method [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Multidimensional Gradient search method [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Partial Differential Equations

Background [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Parabolic [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Elliptic [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Fast Fourier Transforms

Continuous Fourier Series [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Fourier Transform Pair [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Discrete Fourier Transform [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

Informal Development of Fast Fourier Transform [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]