Quiz Chapter 02.01: Primer on Differential Calculus


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(More on Differentiation)


(More on Differentiation)

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1. The definition of the first derivative of a function f \left( x \right) is


2. Given y=5e^{3x}+\sin{\left( x \right)}, then dy/dx is


3. Given y=\sin{\left( 2x \right)}, then dy/dx at x=3 most nearly is


4. Given y=x^{3}\ln{\left( x \right)}, then dy/dx is


5. The velocity of a body as a function of time is given as v \left( t \right) = 5e^{-2t} + 4, where t is in seconds, v is in m/s. The acceleration at t=0.6 in m/s^{2} is


6. If x^{2} + 2xy = y^{2}, then dy/dx is