Quiz Chapter 09.01: Golden Section Search Method


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1. Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding the Equal Interval Search and Golden Section Search methods?


2. Which of the following parameters is not required to use the Golden Section Search method for optimization?


3. When applying the Golden Section Search method to a function f(x) to find its maximum, the f(x_{1}) > f(x_{2}) condition holds true for the intermediate points x_{1} and x_{2}. Which of the following statements is incorrect?


4. In the graph below, the lower and upper boundary of the search is given by x_{1} and x_{3}, respectively. If x_{4} and x_{2} are the initial intermediary points, which of the following statement is false?


5. Using the Golden Section Search method, find two numbers whose sum is 90 and their product is as large as possible. Use the interval \left[ 0, \, 90\right].


6. Consider the problem of finding the minimum of the function shown below. Given the intermediate points in the drawing, what would be the search region in the next iteration?