Quiz Chapter 03.01: Solution of Quadratic Equations


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(More on Nonlinear Equations)


(More on Nonlinear Equations)

Pick the most appropriate answer

1. The value of x that satisfies f(x) = 0 is called the


2. A quadratic equation has _______ root(s).


3. For a certain cubic equation, at least one of the roots is known to be a complex root. How many total complex roots does the cubic equation have?


4. An equation such as \tan (x)=x has _____ root(s).


5. A polynomial of order n has _____ zeros.


6. The velocity of a body is given by v (t) = 5e^{-t} + 4 where t is in seconds and v is in m/s. Then the velocity of the body is 6 m/s at t= _____ seconds.