Quiz Chapter 05.01: Background of Interpolation


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(More on Interpolation)

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1. The number of different polynomials that can go through two fixed data points x_{1},y_{1} and x_{2},y_{2} is


2. Given n+1 data pairs, a unique polynomial of degree _____ passes through the n+1 data points.


3. The following function(s) can be used for interpolation


4. Polynomials are the most commonly used functions for interpolation because they are easy to


5. Given n+1 data points \left( x_{0},y_{0} \right), \, \left( x_{1},y_{1} \right), \, ... \,  , \left( x_{n-1}, y_{n-1} \right), \, \left( x_{n}, y_{n} \right), and assume you pass a function f \left( x \right) through all the data points. If now the value of the function f (x) is required to be found outside the range of the given x-data, the procedure is called


6. Given three data points \left( 1,6 \right), \, \left( 3, 28 \right), \, \left( 10,231 \right), it is found that the function y = 2x^{2} + 3x + 1 passes through all the three data points. Your estimate of y at x = 2 is