Effect of step size on accuracy of numerical first derivative:

Forward Divided Difference [PDF] [PPT]

Backward Divided Difference [PDF][PPT]

Effect of step size on accuracy of numerical first derivative: Central Divided Difference [PDF] [PPT]

Comparing the Forward Divided Difference, Backward Divided Difference and Central Divided Difference [PDF] [MWS] | [PDF] [MCD] | [PDF] [NB] | |PDF] [MFILE]

Effect of Significant Digits on the Value of the Numerical Derivative [PDF] [MWS] | [PDF] [MCD]|[PDF] [NB]|[PDF] [MFILE]

Nonlinear Equations

Quest for cubic equation solution[PDF][DOC]

Newton [HTML][PDF] [DOC]

Raphson [HTML][PDF] [DOC]

Galois [HTML][PDF] [DOC]

Simultaneous Linear Equations

Effect of significant digits on solution of equations

Simulation [MWS] [MCD] [NB] [MFILE] |Textbook notes (pages 5-16 of) [PDF] [DOC]

Saving of computational time for finding inverse of a matrix using LU decomposition

Simulation [MWS] [MCD] [NB] [MFILE] | Textbook notes (pages 2-4 of) [PDF] [DOC]

Adequacy of Solutions [PDF] [MWS] | [PDF] [DOC]

Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors [DOC] [PDF]

Gauss [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]


History of Interpolation [PDF][DOC]

Dangers of extrapolation through NASDAQ, [PDF][DOC]|[MWS] [MCD] [MFILE] [NBM]

Higher order interpolation is a bad idea [PDF][DOC]| [MWS] [MCD] [MFILE] [NBM]

Comparison of spline & polynomial interpolation [PDF] [DOC]|[MWS] [MCD] [MFILE] [NBM]

Choice of points of interpolation affects approximations [PDF][DOC]|[MWS] [MCD] [MFILE] [NBM]

Splines help in developing a shorter path for a robot [PDF][DOC]|[MWS] [MCD] [MFILE] [NBM]

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Newton [HTML][PDF] [DOC]

Lagrange [HTML][PDF] [DOC]


What is integration? [PDF] [DOC]

A Primer on Integral Calculus [PDF] [DOC]

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Ordinary Differential Equations

What are ordinary differential equations? [PDF] [DOC]

A primer on ordinary differential equations [PDF] [DOC]

On solving higher order and coupled ordinary differential equations [PDF] [DOC]

Euler [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]

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