Educational Institution Adoptions

The following are some of the known websites that link to the HNMI website or/and use its resources.  Search engine websites and libraries are NOT included in the list as they are too many to list).

University of Regina: Industrial systems engineering department at University of Regina is using the Numerical Methods textbook as required for their course in Numerical Methods ( July 13, 2019)

Don State Technical University: Resources are used in a Numerical Methods course for humanities.  They are mainly using examples and presentation materials.   It is also being used to encourage Russian students in the class to simultaneously improve their command of the English language as well as mathematics.

Wayne State University: Wayne State is using the online free textbook as the only required textbook in ECE262 Basic Engineering IV: Numerical Methods and Computer Programming.

Tuskegee University: A new course Numerical Methods/Modeling/Simulation in Mechanical Engineering uses the textbook and YouTube videos.

Lewis University: The instructor for 13-350-1 Numerical Analysis will use the resources as a substitute for a textbook.

The University of North Carolina, Charlotte: The instructor for ECGR4102 Engineering Simulation has assigned the online Numerical Methods textbook as a required textbook for the course.

University of Houston: The instructor for CHEE 3334 Numerical and Statistical Methods has assigned the online Numerical Methods textbook as a required resource for the course.

Saginaw Valley State University:  The instructors in mechanical engineering course ME384 Computational and Experimental Methods use the resources to introduce algorithms for modeling.  The students in the Math 441Numerical Analysis course found the website and are using it in their study sessions.

University of Central Washington University: They are using several resources and the textbook in the newly developed Numerical Methods course in the Mathematics Department.

University of West Ontario: They are using several resources in the civil engineering course CE2219:Computational Tools for Civil Engineers.

Yeshiva University: They are using several resources in a new course in the Physics Department – Computational Methods in Scientific Research.  Specifically, they are using audiovisual lectures and textbook chapters of nonlinear equations, integration and ordinary differential equations.  They also use MATHEMATICA as the computational package.  The students are from Physics, Mathematics and Biology majors.

Kocaeli University, Turkey: They are using all resources in MUH211 Numerical Analysis course.

Drexel University: They are using multiple-choice questions and PowerPoint presentations in their BMES 673 BioSimulations II course in the Department of School of Biomedical Engineering, Science & Health Systems.

Glasgow University: They are using multiple-choice questions in Programming Methods Using MATLAB course.

Florida Atlantic University: They are using the textbook resources in MAD3400 Numerical Methods course.

Carroll College: They are using the resources in MA/CS 342 Numerical Computing and Visualization course.  They are using all modules except for regression.  Students majors include mathematics, engineering, and computer science.

Wayne State University: They are using the resources in the BE 2550 Numerical Methods with MATLAB course in the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Monash University, Australia: They are using seven chapters from Matrix Algebra module in their ETC2440 Mathematics for Economics and Business  (last accessed September 4, 2010) course.

University of Leeds: They are using the web-based resources in their Numerical Methods and Statistics course in the Geophysics department.

School of Physics and Engineering at Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China: They are using the YouTube video lectures in their Numerical methods course.

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs: They are using varied resources in the course – Numerical Computing (CS 460/560) .

University of Texas, Tyler: They are using varied resources in the course – ENGR 4326-Numerical Methods for Engineers.

College of Engineering, Nahrain University, Baghdad, IRAQ: They are using varied resources in the Scientific Computing course.

Polish University of Science and Technology in Cracow: They are using the PPTs and videos in a Numerical Methods course in the Physics Department

University of Heidelberg: They are using the resources in a 2-week block of Numerical Methods in their Physics Department.

Division of Math & IT, Mount Saint Mary College: Using several modules in their Numerical Analysis Course.  The readings for the course are assigned from the website.

Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering, University of Minnesota: Used materials from the website for an inversion methods seminar.

University of Cincinnati: They are using MATLAB modules in their Numerical Methods course in the Department of Civil Engineering.

Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador (School of Engineering): They are using the ebooks and the MATLAB modules in their Numerical Methods course.

Faculdade de Engenharia – Pontifícia Universidade católica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS) – BRASIL: They are using the resources in a Numerical Methods course in Chemical Engineering.

De La Salle Lipa (DLSL) , Philippines:  The course Numerical Methods Computer Applications in the department of electrical engineering is using textbook notes and MATLAB worksheets on several topics including nonlinear equations, SLE, interpolation and regression.

University of Toronto:  The Calculus and Numerical Methods course uses the textbook notes of the website as the textbook for the numerical methods part of the course.

University of Minnesota: In their course Intro to Matrix Algebra, the e-textbook Introduction to Matrix Algebra is used as a course text.

Skidmore College: In their course Mathematical Modeling, MATHEMATICA modules on Lagrangian and Spline interpolation are used in the class lectures.

University of California at Berkley: The Linear Algebra and Differential Equations uses the e-textbook Introduction to Matrix Algebra as a course reference

Mississippi Valley State University:  In their course Numerical Analysis I, examples from computer engineering are being used.

Michigan State: In the Analytical Methods for Electrical Engineering course, uses the e-textbook Introduction to Matrix Algebra as an optional textbook

Chulalongkorn University, Thailand: In their course Computational Physics, the powerpoint presentations and textbook notes of the website are used.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam: In their course Methods in Theoretical Biology, the e-textbook Introduction to Matrix Algebra is recommended reading

The University of California at San Deigo: Used as an online resource for MATH 170C Numerical Ordinary Differential Equations.

Louisiana Tech: In their course MEEN 292 Mechanical Engineering Computer Applications, many of the physical problems of the website are used to assign HW and illustrate numerical methods.

Polytechnic University:  Links Introduction to Matrix Algebra ebook as a useful link for EL 512 Image Processing course.