Chapter 01.02 Measuring Errors

Prerequisites & Objectives

Prerequisites for Learning Measuring Errors [PDF] [DOC]

Objectives of Measuring Errors[PDF] [DOC]

Textbook Chapters

Textbook Chapter of Measuring ErrorsTextbook Chapter of Measuring Errors? [PDF] [DOC]

Digital Audiovisual Lectures

True Error: Definition & Example [YOUTUBE 8:10] [TRANSCRIPT] Relative True Error: Definition & Example [YOUTUBE 8:10] [TRANSCRIPT] Approximate Error: Definition & Example [YOUTUBE 8:10] [TRANSCRIPT] Relative Approximate Error: Definition & Example [YOUTUBE 8:10] [TRANSCRIPT]

Multiple Choice Tests

Test Your Knowledge of Measuring Errors [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]


A PowerPoint Presentation on Measuring Errors [PDF] [PPT]


Worksheets on True Error [MAPLE] [MATHCAD] [MATHEMATICA] [MATLAB]

Worksheets on Approximate Error [MAPLE] [MATHCAD] [MATHEMATICA] [MATLAB]

Blog Entries

Round off errors and the Patriot missile [BLOG]

Wolfram Demonstration

Precision Error [NBP]

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