Chapter 01.03 Sources of Error

Prerequisites & Objectives

Prerequisites for Learning Sources of Error [PDF] [DOC] Objectives of Sources of Error [PDF] [DOC]

Textbook Chapters

Text Chapter of Sources of Error [PDF] [DOC]

Digital Audiovisual Lectures

Round-off Error: Definition and Examples [YOUTUBE 3:47] [TRANSCRIPT]

Effect of Carrying Significant Digits [YOUTUBE 7:48] [TRANSCRIPT]

Truncation Error: Definition [YOUTUBE 8:34] [TRANSCRIPT]

Truncation Error: Example: Series [YOUTUBE 6:44] [TRANSCRIPT]

Truncation Error: Example: Integration [YOUTUBE 6:12] [TRANSCRIPT]

Truncation Error: Example: Differentiation [YOUTUBE 10:14] [TRANSCRIPT]

Multiple Choice Tests

Test Your Knowledge on Sources of Error [HTML] [PDF] [DOC]


 A PowerPoint Presentation on Sources of Error [PDF] [PPT]

Blog Entries

Comparing Two Series to Calculate pi [BLOG] Myth: Error Caused by Chopping a Number is Called Truncation Error [BLOG]

Wolfram Demonstration

(External link | What are Wolfram Demonstrations? | Do need free Mathematica Player to run)
Accuracy of  Series of Approximation [NBP]

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